Why human language is key to a decent HMI

Let's say we are Martians and right now we are building a ship to come to Earth - the Space X of Mars. What are we going to do when we get to Earth? How will we communicate with the beings there? I guess we have two choices, they can learn our language or we can learn theirs.

How is your brain today?

I had a mentor who told me once that he 'shouldn't be around people today' because he was not in a good place emotionally. He is the CEO of a company. Yes, even CEOs (maybe especially CEOs) have days off when their brains are not doing so well. I found this to be very impressive and insightful.

Human Heuristics in Machines

I think we spend a lot of time in human evolution trying to overcome the results of heuristics that are based on mental models that may be incorrect.

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