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What if you could help the planet simply by playing a game?

The Coralverse is an immersive, gamified, engagement-driven approach to climate action designed in collaboration with James Cook University in Queensland, Australia.


Using digital experiences — visualizations and nurturing virtual interactions with AI-generated characters — to establish an emotional connection with the Great Barrier Reef, an endangered place most of us will never be lucky enough to experience in person, and giving us a simple, FUN opportunity to protect this wonder of the world. 


We invite change-making through fun and joy, rather than fear. It’s a deceptively simple, but powerful approach to help humans make a difference by doing something we already love to do, playing games. 

The Coralverse supports the UN Global Goals for #13 Climate Change and #14 Life Under Water.
100+ Participants across 6 continents from age 10 to 50+
*Results as of 16 January 2023


would play a video game to save the reef

Meet Bert & Friends

Conceptual characters created with generative AI Midjourney that can be nurtured and cared for just like a scientist would care for real coral at the coral biobank!

What if we can disrupt the Cycle of Helplessness?

Through our research on the gamification of climate action, we discovered something we call The Cycle of Helplessness.

Humans go through some key phases of mental being when confronted with the issue and impacts of climate change.

Gamification of climate action disrupts this cycle by replacing the feeling of being helpless with a sense of hopefulness. 


What if we can create a circular economy to fund science and benefit our Planet?

The Coralverse uses gaming as a part of a sustainable economic model to support science and climate action. It goes beyond education and entertainment to crowd-fund science and measures to help the planet. This enables scientists to spend less time seeking funding for their work and more time on science and action. It also offers the opportunity to create jobs that are focused on helping the planet.

What real people are saying...

Game changer.

You can help!

We are conducting research! To participate in our research study, please fill out our initial research form here.

To find out more about The Coralverse please use the form below.

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