May 14, 2017


A GPS is a fabulous thing. It knows where you are, you tell it where you want to go, it looks at the situation, analyses the variables and gives you a path to get there. It even tells you about how long its going to take. It continues to check things out and let's you know if there is a better route than the one you are currently on. It recalculates. Sometimes you ignore it and say 'Fuck you GPS. I know this is the best way.' Doesn't always work out does it?


The human brain is like that too, if you use it. It is literally a human GPS. The sensory inputs we receive from our bodies indicate to us if we are on the right path. Sometimes we don't pay attention but the further we get down the wrong path, the more uncomfortable the situation becomes and eventually we are forced to correct course.


It happens every day in direct and indirect ways.


An example of a direct 'recalculation' is touching something hot. Your brain has learned that hot hurts so it tells you to avoid it. Pain is bad. Recalculate.


The not so direct indicators are a little more tricky. Your body signals you in a number of ways through things like anxiety, stress and simple feelings of discomfort. So many times in our lives we ignore these feelings. How many of us are in a crappy job or unhappy relationship or just feel like shit most of the time? Half of us? More? 


There is a song called The Plan (Fuck Jobs) by The Front Bottoms, the lyrics say "When my mind is uncertain, my body decides." This is exactly what happens. Your body is under stress, a feeling of discomfort. It warns you by telling you "Hey this doesn't feel right. We need to recalculate." And if we don't, we end up stressed, sick or in pain. 


I am both lucky and unlucky, in that my body is super sensitive to things, so when I am stressed, I get sick almost immediately. I see direct impact of how I feel so rapidly I am forced to make the decision. A lot of people out there have insane amount of discomfort stamina or simply do not feel things which allows them to continue in a stressful situation with little or no impact to their wellbeing. Not me. So now I avoid situations that make me feel bad because I know my body will decide for me. It's trying to tell me to recalculate. 


Most of the time its fear that prevents us from recalculating. Fear of the unknown. Don't worry fellow humans. It's going to be ok. Trust your internal GPS. The actual is never the expected. 


Cheers to my sister Nicole for inspiring this post.  


PS. Excuse my language in my posts. I don't believe curse words are bad. They say a lot.

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