Risk being human.

May 4, 2017


I know a bit about humans. I don't have a degree or any special awards but I figure since I have been one for a few decades and they are everywhere, that's good enough to say I have a good amount of experience. I find humans fascinating, the way they communicate and the way they don't communicate. Humans are constantly saying things they don't mean and not saying things they do mean. It makes it really fucking complicated to be one. 


It is fair to say I have spent a significant amount of my life being scared of humans. What are they thinking that they are not saying? What are they saying that they are not thinking? What if I upset one? What if one says something but means something different? How will I know what to do? What if I hurt one? What if one hurts me? Crikey, that's a lot to stress over. 


Add technology to this foundation of human difficulties. Now we have emails and texts and snapchats and tweets and messages. I'm not sure its possible to come up with more ways to miscommunicate with other humans. I'm certain this last election has increased the level of people who are upset by at least 100%. It's all just too much. So I gave up. 


That's right. I go around the world upsetting people all damn day. My kid, my colleagues, my family, my friends - all of them are irritated at me at some level some of the time. We could do a very nice Venn diagram of that. So now, I merely assume people are upset with me and since I've accepted it, its made my life a whole lot easier. 


The purpose of this blog post is to let you know that someone (possibly several someones) are upset with you right now and its ok. This is not an authorisation to be a dick. This is permission to risk being human.  

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