Conversational HMI

I've been experimenting with ideas of a conversational interface.

Currently there is a lot happening around voice-first but it seems like a lot of this focus on voice-only, rather than voice-first. Humans are interesting creatures, we use all of our senses at varying levels in everything we do. The machines we interact with should take this into consideration. 

This is an idea for an experience. It has its pros and cons - like everything. There is no perfect experience. 

Communicates like I do. 

I think a lot of voice user interfaces or conversational assistants are designed with a personality. I watched a video recently that Alexa was designed to be intelligent and efficient - definitely a good thing but shouldn't my assistant be what I want them to be? 

If I were to hire a personal assistant, I would definitely look for that human to be intelligent and efficient but also to communicate like I do and possibly possess other characteristics that I do. There might be a point at which that goes too far but I think I should be able to say what that point is. 

Hey Dude.

The wake up phrase is 'hey dude'. That is what I say to get the attention of my closest friends. I have one friend that we email back and forth and the subject line of the email is always Dude. My assistant should know this. 

Dude. What's up?

I'm off to London

When you going?

More than words.

The use of emoticons, memes, animations etc should all be to my liking or if I decide on how I want my assistant to be, they should be consistent to their liking. 

Unlike on social media, I have control over how my assistant responds. If I hate hashtags or a particular emoji, I should be able to say so. 

If I want my assistant to speak like Yoda, it should be able to do that. 

I don't like that emoji

Use it, I won't

You seeing this dude?

This is me and my friend Rohan in London. 

Be human.

My assistant should do human-like things. For example, they should know that there are some people I always see when I travel to London and prompt me to set something up. 

Lol. Oh hell yeah

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