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Bell is a business on the cutting edge of innovation in its industry with a mission to provide a healthy, sustainable protein source for the coming food crisis. I began working with Bell in January of 2014 to help communicate the story and provide the image and materials to move their business forward.

Getting Started

Before I started working with Bell™, I had absolutely no knowledge of aquaculture but like with most things in life it was an excellent opportunity to learn! As I began working with this innovative company in my home state of Indiana - I realized I was in for a wild ride. Bell™ was in the process of launching three product lines at one time - each with multiple variations and skus WHILE seeking investment for its impending growth. My work was cut out for me but it was an exciting opportunity to try something new.


Marketing Strategy

Bell™ is a unique company in that it has so much going for it. Its position in the industry as a leader creates unique opportunities for Bell to educate consumers and interested parties in the cutting edge technologies currently evolving in land-based aquaculture. Bell also produces three product lines - fish, fertilizer and aquafeed. The strategic approach we came up with was to divide the brand into two - one for its image as an innovative industry leader and one for the product lines - Bell™ and Bell Farms™.This allowed the company to target these markets specifically. Bell™ became known as a brand of innovation, research and technology while Bell Farms™ became the implementation of that innovation. 



The Bell™ and Bell Farms™ brands were designed to go together but feel different. In some respects, the Bell™ brand is a 'parent' of Bell Farms™. The brand is clean and simple with fonts and visuals, using colors that communicate sustainabilty and harmony with the Earth.



Bell™ has an amazing story - the visionary leader of the company Norman McCowan is passionate about sustainability and fish. Here are some sample materials created to tell the Bell™ story and sell the products.



  • Marketing Strategy

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  • Social Media Management

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  • Graphic Design

  • Photography

Services Provided

Bell Company Overview PDF


Bell Fish Overview PPT


Bell Farms™ Coho Onesheet


Bell Farms™ In-Store Promo Card


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